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Tell your friends, family and neighbors about this important issue, and invite them to join #WithPitt.

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No state funds for Pitt is a real possibility. Go to with.pitt.edu to learn more #WithPitt #PAwins

"Pittsburgh" would be just "sburgh" without Pitt. Support higher education. #WithPitt #PAwins with.pitt.edu

Stand WithPitt and support our students. Contact your PA legislator and ask them to fund Pitt! with.pitt.edu

Last year Pitt generated $3.9 billion for Pennsylvania. Let Harrisburg know that #WithPitt #PAwins with.pitt.edu

#WithPitt, 32K Pennsylvanians earn paychecks to support their families. With state-related universities, #PAwins. with.pitt.edu

WithPitt, PA gets $26 for every $1 invested, meaning #WithPitt, #PAwins. with.pitt.edu

PA ranks 48th nationally in higher ed support. We need funding that supports PA’s students. with.pitt.edu


With Pitt, PA wins. Ask your legislator to invest in our state-related universities, and drive progress. #PABudget #WithPitt with.pitt.edu

For every $1 PA invests in the University of Pittsburgh, it gains $26 in economic return. It’s time for the state to release funds for Pitt and the other state-related universities, which educate more than 110,000 students across our state. Ask for ongoing support for our schools and learn more here. #PABudget #WithPitt with.pitt.edu

Right now, Pitt students, faculty, staff and communities are being caught in the middle of a political fight that’s taking away from higher ed in our state. Learn how you can help. #PABudget #WithPitt with.pitt.edu