The Issue

Leaders in Harrisburg have overwhelmingly agreed upon—but not enacted—funding for Pitt and our fellow state-related universities. Despite its inclusion in the spending bill that passed by overwhelming bipartisan majorities and became law in July, and individual passage in the Senate, Pitt’s funding remains at risk Pitt’s funding remains at risk until the House, Senate and Governor agree on a revenue plan and the House passes Pitt’s appropriation bill.

At this point, $150 million in state funding for Pitt remains in jeopardy.

But the damage doesn’t end there: Pitt is a powerful, proven economic engine for our state. Our annual economic contribution to the Commonwealth is $3.95 billion and—with Pitt—the state sees a $26 return on every $1 it invests.

By not enacting funding for Pitt and our fellow state-related universities, Harrisburg is shortchanging Pennsylvania’s students, families and the future.

In the face of such uncertainty, we’re calling on members of the Pitt community—far and wide—to join in a grassroots communications campaign to remind lawmakers in Harrisburg of Pitt’s immeasurable value to the Commonwealth.

Help us strengthen Pennsylvania’s future together. Let your friends, family, neighbors and – most importantly – legislators and Governor Wolf know that, with Pitt, PA wins.

Thank you for your support in helping to resolve this critical issue that impacts so many Pennsylvanians.