The Issue

On October 18, the Pennsylvania House passed a revenue plan by a vote of 102-88, This plan, which heavily relies on one-time fund transfers and borrowing, could serve as the vehicle for a final revenue package to complete the budget process. 

Though the appropriations bills funding the four state-related universities—Pitt, Penn State, Temple and Lincoln—were passed in the Pennsylvania Senate, they have not been passed in the House and sent to Governor Wolf. Until the House passes our appropriations bill, we cannot receive the funding in the spending package that was enacted into law in July.

At this point, $146.8 million in state funding for Pitt remains in jeopardy.

If Pitt’s appropriation is not passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and signed by Governor Wolf, it could result in:

  • Tuition increases in Spring 2018.
  • Suspension of ongoing planning activities that are keeping our Titusville campus open.
  • Severe budget cuts across Pitt’s five campuses.
  • The exodus of Pennsylvania’s best and brightest students to neighboring states.
  • Innumerable losses in innovation and economic impact.

In the face of such enormous risk, we’re calling on members of the Pitt community—far and wide—to join in a grassroots communications campaign to remind lawmakers in Harrisburg of Pitt’s immeasurable value to the Commonwealth.

Help us strengthen Pennsylvania’s future together. Let your friends, family, neighbors and – most importantly – legislators know that, with Pitt, PA wins.